Twilight Barbies Are A Useful Reminder That Twilight Is For Children

Twilight Barbies, you guys. The thing is, this is the first facet of the Twilight phenomenon in awhile that actually makes sense. Twilight cruise? Twilight prom? These are insane things. Dolls? For little girls? OK! I do think that this description from People magazine is a little bit weird:

As a tribute to the on-screen lovers, Barbie has created a set of dolls modeled after Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan. Featuring Robert’s strong jaw line and vampire-glow and Kristen’s long brunette hair and innocent face, the dolls are almost an exact replica of the stars. Looks like Bella’s wish for immortality is finally coming true!

What? What on so many levels. Also, Bella is not real. She is a fictional character. And if anything, her “wish for immortality” (which does not exist and is made up) has already come true? In ALL THE FAMOUS BOOKS AND MOVIES? Look at me going on and on, as if somehow I have any way of stopping the Pulitzer committee from awarding all the prizes to that paragraph.

But anyway, Twilight Barbies. I think every adult who is into Twilight (“it’s just fun, and it’s actually pretty well written”) should be forced to have these in their home, as some kind of symbol or warning to others. A clown lives here.