The NYC Prep Finale Drinking Game

Yay! It’s finally happening! Tonight is the season finale of NYC Prep, and hopefully maybe just finale finale if we’re lucky. It was not cool sitting next to you in biology this year, have a terrible summer, please don’t K.I.T.! Oh, I really was not sure if this show would ever end. Anyway, while you’re watching tonight, you can play this funtimes drinking game (because there is nothing more appropriate than a drinking game for a show about children! Besides, whatever, “you learn how to drink in sophomore year,” right?). Don’t get too drunk, though because then you’ll be too sick tomorrow to enjoy the lightness and beauty of a world without these terrible children up in your face. I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD! We pop champagne!

Take a drink:

  • Every time P.C. is wearing eyeliner
  • Every time Jessie talks about fashion
  • Every time Sebastian is chewing gum
  • Every time Sebastian flips is hair
  • Every time Sebastian looks up at the ceiling
  • Take two drinks if he does all three within 10 seconds of each other
  • Every time Sebastian says something in an interview about how good he is at dating, even though we have never actually seen him be any good at dating whatsoever
  • Every time Camille talks about college
  • Every time Taylor acts her age (15)
  • Every time Kelli refers to her singing career as if she has a singing career
  • Every time Bravo hate crimes PC
  • Every time Jessie does that thing with her mouth
  • Every time more than three of the cast-members are unnaturally but conveniently in the same place at the same time
  • Every time Taylor does that, like, subtle mean girls derisive smirk thing
  • Every time PC says something completely unbearable that almost makes you feel bad for him
  • Every time Sebastian just, like, opens his mouth? And it’s just open? With his gum? And he’s like “ahhhhhhh”
  • Every time Camille pretends that she is better than someone else and it’s like “what’s so great about you, Camille? You’re just stuck up!”
  • Every time someone suggests that they do not have time for high school behavior or high school interests or high school stuff in general
  • Every time someone makes an unsophisticated remark about their own self-perceived sophistication

Please don’t play this game. It will kill you.