Worlds Been Had Colliding: Kathy Griffin And Levi Johnston (And The Set Of Larry King Live) Edition

What is this? WHAT IS THIS?

Kathy Griffin, everybody. She makes jokes about drugging 19-year-old boys and raping them. Klassic komedy! Her chyron is “Kathy the Cougar.” Perfect. This is supposedly a news network? On that note, CNN, everybody. Together they make an awesome team! KLASSIC KOMEDY KREW.

Is it just me? AM I ALL ALONE IN THIS WORLD? What is happening here? There is a poll at the bottom of the screen that says “Do you think Kathy and Levi make a good couple?” No I do not! What I think is FUCKING STOP IT! The regular Larry King audience is like “I love ‘jokes’ about older women being painfully sexually aggressive with visibly uncomfortable young men told in a shrill voice laced with practiced desperation. And could you make it go on forever? Thanks.” Your grandpa is like “I really enjoyed it. It was quality programming.” HUH?

Shut it down. (Thanks for the tip, Aaron.)