Dane Cook Makes Fun Of Vanessa Hudgens, Because He Is An Adult

Dane Cook Makes Fun Of Vanessa Hudgens, Because He Is An Adult

Dane Cook made fun of Vanessa Hudgens at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday for some nude photos of her that leaked to the internet, and needless to say, YIKES. You guys probably already know about this through the secret password-protected NO PARENTS ALLOWED gossip sites that you check on your Fischer Price “My First Smartphone”s when you’re not doing your homework (because homework stinks, it is not the bomb at all!), but for us senior citizens, this is all news. Dane Cook, you guys. The best dude! He saw a perfect opportunity to insult a 21-year-old child actress about an unfortunate invasion of her privacy in front of a room full of children, in a broadcast for NICKELODEON. Well played, Mr. Cook. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

The moment was edited out of last night’s broadcast. But you can watch it after the jump.

Hahaha? I think what makes it so funny is the sassy voice he delivers the “joke” in? Is that why I can’t stop laughing at this?

For as horrible as this whole thing is (oh, sorry, yeah, I’ve been using “sarcasm” for most of this post! Ask your English teacher about it) the look of deflation and nervous defeat on Dane Cook as his joke bombs, before they cut back to the close up of Vanessa Hudgens’s rightfully unamused face, is totally great. “Huh? But that joke killed when I was doing it in front of the mirror!” What an idiot.

Have you read his Twitter? Holy shit! I don’t even have anything funny to say about it, it’s just the worst Twitter.

Got bit by a spider. I know, “with great power comes great responsibility.” I’m ready. No web shooting yet, just mild diarrhea.

Jokes! At a certain point, I think we just need to stop believing that he exists and he’ll disappear. I don’t mean from the entertainment industry, either. I mean from existence. I know how things work. Poof! (Thanks for the tip, Aaron.)

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