The 10th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos: Remembered

As quickly as it came, it was gone. You feel me, ninjas? It’s hard to believe that four days of helicopter rides, men on stilts, barbecue, and rape could fly by so quickly. If only there was a way to freeze time and stay in a perfect moment forever! But there is no such way.

Of course, we were all too crunked (or whatever the word is that Juggalos use that means crunked. “Very high on methamphetamines”?) to have documented any of it. Besides, no one wanted that detachment from the experience. If you’re photographing the moment, you’re not living the moment, you know what I mean, motherfucker? Luckily, artist (whatever that means) Derek Erdman was there to capture some of our memories on film, where we can enjoy them all over again, and again, and again, forever. He didn’t even seem like that much of a neden hole! Mostly a nice dude. If you put some 10-gauge plugs in his ears and tattooed a spider on his throat, he would have reminded me of your mom.

Anyway, after the jump, a trip (oh man, tripping BALLLZ) down memory lane.

You crazy, ninjas, you crazy. Hold me tight and don’t ever let me go!

More photos of the family here. (Thanks for the tip, Jacob, Mara, and Ryan.)

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