The Daily Show’s Death Panel Panel

I went out to lunch yesterday (my life is crazy!) with a friend (that’s right, a friend!) who picked me up in his car (“boom” — your mind). He had been listening to NPR on the drive over to pick me up, and he told me that NPR had used the word “delusional” more than a dozen times to describe the country. I had no idea what he was talking about! Well, what he was talking about was the furious debate that is now going on, spurred forward by genuine, clinical coconut Sarah Palin, who, I mean, it is just, like, WHAT? Why does anyone even listen to a single word that comes out of her heavily made-up mouth? It’s 2009, you guys. Her six months of being taken as a legitimate human being are over. But so, she claimed that Barack Obama’s health care reform bill would include forced euthanasia and “death panels”? And she claimed this on HER FACEBOOK PAGE? And now it is a real thing that people in the country are scared of? DID YOU GUYS HEAR THAT “WAR OF THE WORLDS” PROGRAM ON THE TRANSISTOR LAST NIGHT? NOT FOR NOTHING, BUT I REALLY THOUGHT WE WAS BEING TOOK OVER.

Unbelievable. I’m not sure if there is room in my bunker for all of us, but I will try to make some more room! Anyway, this death panel panel from last night’s Daily Show, with John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Aasif Mandvi is funny.

We carry the fire, you guys.