We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy, Part Two

It’s a difficult world we live in! Even if you do manage to carve out some small corner of your own somewhere, where you can be yourself and enjoy your life, there’s someone waiting just on the other side of the door with an axe and a bullhorn. He is going to shout in your face and tear your house down! You know how the world is. It’s important to fight for what you want, because you are rarely allowed to just have it. Defend your home. Ignore the “haters.” It’s no one else’s life! Who is anyone to say anything! Go for it!

All of that being said, when your tiny corner of genuine happiness involves dressing up like Sailor Moon and playing frantic nightmare videogame bass in between drinking glasses of milk, and then posting videos of all of this to YouTube because extroversion is part of it, the harder of a row you are going to have to hoe. But hoe away!

Dude has 30 videos. How many videos do you have of LIVING THE DREAM? (Via BuzzFeed.)