Who Wants To Go See All About Steve Now?

Do you want to go see All About Steve now?

Wait, whuuuuuuuut? You don’t? WHY NOT?

Is it because Sandra Bullock’s face doesn’t look “annoying” enough? Because it looks pretty annoying right now, but I can kind of see what you mean. “Dear Hollywood, more Annoying Face, please.” It’s funny because of how women are so annoying, you know? I bet she talks too much, too. You can just TELL that she talks too much. The guys are like “look out, she’s going to start talking again.”

Is it because Sandra Bullock doesn’t look “crazy” enough? She looks so crazy! Wacky! That umbrella, it’s like haha, what? It’s not raining! Only a really crazy person would wear boots like that. But maybe she’s lovable? Maybe this proves that there’s someone for everyone?! The guys are like “I don’t know about this, she is probably crazy,” but eventually I have a feeling that one of them (NO SPOILERS) will decide that she is crazy…CRAZY LOVABLE.

Or maybe you don’t want to see it because it looks terrible. That might be it. Because it’s certainly not this poster. What a great poster!