That’s Your Girlfriend: Girl Who Sends All The Emails To Boyfriend While He’s Traveling

In 2007, you went on a backpacking trip through Europe for two weeks (you remember. 2007? JEAN LUC?!). You told your girlfriend about it numerous times, and called her to tell her goodbye before you left. But somehow, she didn’t realize you were gone. And so she began sending you emails, and calling your cell phone, which was turned off. Needless to say, things went downhill from there rather quickly. Her emails got more and more frantic and accusatory. Eventually they turned from pleading and sad and confused to angry and vengeful and mean. She fucked some dude? Yikes. Relationships are hard! And then you got back and read all the emails and made a video about it.

Of course, the fact that you somehow managed to not really convey to your girlfriend that you were going away for two weeks? And you didn’t bother to get in touch with her from Europe? And you took all of her emails, which are obviously crazy, but are also deeply personal and indicate that she cared a lot about you even if she maybe didn’t know the best way to go about showing and/or dealing with it, and you made those emails public? And you chose the music for this video? All of which kind of also makes you your boyfriend.

“It’s complicated.”

(Via TheDailyWhat.)