Ice-T Smashing A Laptop Reminds Us That Racism Is Weird

This video (after the jump) is from June, but it started circulating this weekend when Waxy linked to it. Now, to a normal human being, this video seems fairly straight-forward. An aging hip hop artist who has traded in his street credibility and his convincingly “gangster” image for a comfortable recurring role on a mainstream police procedural (AS THE POLICE!), and who struggles, one imagines, with a life of constant compromise between the hard-fought persona of his youth that got him to where he is today, and the inevitable comfort and warm fat of moneyed celebrity, destroys a laptop with a hammer. Pretty tough! You can picture him in the breakfast nook with his porn star wife, pushing the food that their personal chef prepared for them around on the plate (“I didn’t like cantaloupe until I was in my 40s!” — Ice T) and wondering what to do with this old laptop, and Ice T decides to get his video camera because for the narcissist there is no moment not worth capturing, and so there you go.

But people besides normal human beings also watched this. So, for example, the YouTube comments are filled with long-winded angry threads between Apple and PC fans, debating the individual merits of the computers, as if this has anything to even do with that, and also it is 2009 and we can probably move on, no? But sure, right, to be expected. And then there are the racists.

Hahaha. WHAT? Racism is so weird. Whether or not Ice T is smart is certainly a topic up for debate, but shoe-horning in a comment about a black person being an ape because he smashed a $3,000 computer is some pretty dedicated racism. I mean, half of the videos on YouTube are people destroying stuff. When it comes to demolishing junk on tape, we get real United Colors of Benetton. And obviously, my favorite part is when he returns to the thread to BACK UP HIS RACISM with some information about COMPUTER REPAIR.

This is also a classic.

Ha! Right!

To be fair to the honorable YouTube commenters community, there are more than 500 comments on the video, and although people call him gay and retarded, not one person refers to Ice T as a “gay retard.” Baby YouTube is all grown up*!