2010: The Year Of Louis C.K.

I think it might finally happen, you guys. Everything is turning up Louis C.K.! Yesterday, of course, was the news that he has been cast for a multiple-episode story arc on Parks and Recreation, which yes, is an imperfect show, like why does Rashida Jones, a civilian, hang out at city hall so much? But it is not a “bad” show, and this is great news, so come on, how about a yay!? And today there is news that Louis C.K. has quietly taped a pilot for FX, tentatively titled Louie (I read something about that somewhere). From Variety:

It’s a grassroots project for Louis, who not only wrote “Louie,” but also cast it, directed it and even edited it, with the help of $250,000 in seed money from FX. Louis shot the low-budget project in New York.

“I said, wire me a quarter of a million dollars and I’ll give you a DVD in a month, and amazingly, they did,” Louis said. “Because it was only $250,000 they had the reasonable expectation that I wasn’t going to disappear with the money. To them, it’s a low-risk thing, and for me, I was able to try different stuff.”

Louis’ life situation as a recently divorced man still co-parenting with his ex-wife largely informs both his current standup routine and this new show. His experience as a fortysomething man back on the dating scene also plays a large role.

“It’s a unified stream of conciousness,” he said of the show. “It all comes from me being a 41-year-old divorced comic trying to raise children, meet people and have sex.”

Great news! FX will supposedly decide whether or not to pick up the show for a full season within the next 10 days.

But also!

Louis is nominated for an Emmy for outstanding writing in the variety/music/comedy category for his Showtime special Chewed Up (which is so great, duh, and if you haven’t seen it you should get your act together because what is wrong with you, seriously?), he has already taped another stand up special, and has a supporting role in the Ricky Gervais movie The Invention of Lying. That’s a lot of stuff!

All of this on the heels of his breakthrough appearance on Conan, a clip of which got millions of views on YouTube, but the whole thing of which you can see right here:

I mean, I know that they ain’t ready, but maybe they are ready!

Obviously, 2009 has already been a very big year for Louis, who while having a long and by all accounts highly successful comedy career has never seemed to really get the broad-based mainstream attention that he deserves for being THE BEST. But as big as 2009 has been (Chewed Up, viral Conan appearance, Emmy nomination, Parks and Rec this fall, all of the things that we have been talking about), I think that this is all just groundwork being laid, getting the sheeple’s eyes open because THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Like a mind bomb about to go off and put all the money in his pocket. Mo money mo problems, riiiight?!

In 2010, guys, BOOM. You’ll see.