Being White Is Hard: It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated trailer, you guys:

Wait a second, you’re telling me that this is from the same person who did Something’s Gotta Give? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! (I’m a jerk. But also come on, guys, let’s paint, exercise, and stretch ourselves creatively.)

This looks fine. It’s got a phenomenal cast (you will learn that as you get older you start saying things like “phenomenal cast” without even barfing), and I’m sure the gentle comedy of upper-middle class affairs of the heart is well crafted and “delightful.” But I think that comedies like this are almost entirely predicated on getting an audience to softly shake their head, like “so true, so true,” and my greatest fear is becoming a member of that group*. Yuck. All divorced and ambivalent and carelessly dissatisfied and knowing. “Remember when we thought we had it all figured out.” Shoot me in the head. Twice, just to be sure.

*In reality, that is not even remotely my greatest fear, I was just saying that to prove a point. Do you know how many fucking horrible things can happen to you in this world?