Why Newspapers Are Dying, In Two Minutes

One of the most popular topics of conversations on the internet these days is whether or not print media is dying. The short answer is: probably. The longer answer tends to involve some kind of complicated math between the shifting economics of media, its portability and accessibility, a waning off-line audience (but a growing on-line one), and probably some other stuff, I don’t know, what do I look like, Professor Kindle over here? Nowhere is the fear and scrambling for explanations and solutions greater than in the newspaper industry, where regional and local papers are being shut down by the handful, and even the New York Times is basically bankrupt.

But Videogum friend Tim Carvell just sent over this video put together by the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel with the email subject: Why Newspapers Are Dying, In Two Minutes, and you can keep all your fancy college explanations and big city ideas, because I think that he’s right. This is it right here, doctor.

Quick reminder: this is an adult.

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