You Could Be The Next Billy Mays, But You Probably Won’t

Media Enterprises, the marketing company behind Mighty Brand products (both of which are currently in the running for 2009’s Most Generic Business Name Award), the line of phone order infomercial junk that made Billy Mays a household name, has decided that he has been dead long enough, and it is time to replace him. From TMZ:

Media Enterprises tells us the hunt will begin August 19 with auditions in Tampa, FL — and will continue throughout the country. We’re told Mays’ image will remain on the Mighty products, but the company is looking for someone with as much enthusiasm as Billy to sell it.

The first product the new person would be pitching is the Mighty Sponge — a sponge so strong it can allegedly absorb 2 liters of Coke.

I’m not saying that Media Enterprises shouldn’t find a new spokesman. Those Mighty Sponges aren’t going to overenthusiastically sell themselves. But there’s something kind of macabre about the way they’re going about it. Like, going to TMZ to announce your intentions of finding not just the next spokesperson, but the next Billy Mays? You would really think that a company who sells huckster products to naive shut-ins would have a little more class*.