Videogum’s Teen Korner: Learn How 2 Be Cool With Malcolm Jamal Warner

Homework sucks!

Yo, dawgs and girls who are as beautiful for their minds as they are for their bodies, if there’s one thing that every kid knows, it’s that being cool is totally crucial. Being cool when you’re a kid is like being rich for adults: jiggy! Now some people are just naturally super duper cool, like Mayim Bialik, but for the rest of us, being cool is a full time job! You better work! Don’t sweat it, though, take a chill pill! This majorly helpful video from Hollywood superstar Malcolm Jamal Warner (Drop Zone, Moloney) gives you all of the tips you need to impress EVERYONE. It’s called Show Off, because who doesn’t love a show off? No one, that’s who! No one doesn’t love a show off. Now hopefully you’re already naturally a total spazz who thinks that the key to social success is shitty magic tricks, goofy faces, and making loud noises with your mouth. If so, this is going to be a piece of ice cream cake (haha, yum!). If not, that’s OK, too. There’s plenty of time to catch up. Just put a leather bomber jacket (whoa, neat!) on over your mathletes t-shirt, tilt your hat sideways (NAH-DOI!), and let’s go crazy!

Oh man, you are so cool now! Do the thumb trick that my uncle does again! Haha, coooool! It’s only a matter of time before all the girls want to marry you! (Thanks for the tip, Autumn.)