The Terrifying New Face Of Suspense

There are plenty of iconic movie images that capture the essence of human terror. Hitchcock alone is responsible for many of them. Janet Leigh screaming in the shower in Psycho. Carey Grant running along a deserted country highway from a homicidal airplane in North by Northwest. Tippi Hedren against a sky full of birds. There are others, of course, from other films and other filmmakers. The approaching shark fin of Jaws. Hannibal Lecter and his creepy mask in Silence of the Lambs. Heather Donahue’s tearful last video message in the Blair Witch Project. Robert DeNiro holding a lit emergency flare in Cape Fear. These memorable images can instantly trigger the full, creepy rush of nerve-wracking emotions felt the first time you saw those movies.

But all of these examples, and any others that you could possibly think of, will look quaint and comical compared to the sheer horror of this scene from the recent thriller Obsessed, starring Beyonce Knowles and Idris Elba. You are going to shit your pants!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Is it over? I put my computer in the freezer where it couldn’t get to me!

I haven’t actually seen the movie Obsessed. Is the whole thing this TERRIFYING? Good thing I have extra rollover minutes on my phone so that I can CALL MY MOMMMMMMMMMY. I just shit my pants again!


The email is coming from INSIDE THE OFFICE. (Via FourFour.)