Jeremy Piven Is Just A Broken Down Piece Of Meat

Jeremy Piven, star of Entourage and noted fish liar, is on the press circuit for his upcoming hate-crime-comedy, The Goods. (That movie looks like it should be called The Bads, am I right? Because of how bad it looks? You get it.) Last night, his promotional duties took him to the WWE, where he guest hosted Monday Night RAW. OK! But he eventually abandoned his hosting duties and jumped into the ring. That seems to happen a lot at these things. This time it was particularly fitting, since Jeremy Piven has always made it known that his role model was Donald Trump. In fake hair and all things.

“Anything Trump can do, I can do later.”
–Jeremy Piven on Jeremy Piven

Oh, also Dr. Ken Jeong was there.

Haha. Jeremy Piven is a human weapon, just as long as someone else is wielding him. From the crotch of his pants.

Fun Fact: Jeremy Piven has to register his crotch with local law enforcement, in case someone is murdered by getting Jeremy Piven’s legs swung into their face like a ragdoll.

BONESAW! (Via Vulture.)