The Most Beautiful Tribute To Michael Jackson

The best part about the official Michael Jackson lithograph (endorsed by the American Historic Society*) is that after you’ve hung it up in a prominent place in your otherwise art-free home, you can do almost anything in that room. You don’t have to just sit and stare at the Michael Jackson lithograph, running your hand gently along the tear-stained edges of the frame. Nope. You can arrange some flowers on top of a piano, or read a magazine article about Michael Jackson on the couch. Just relax! Unfortunately, if you want to interrupt your friend while she is working at the computer (looking at pictures of Michael Jackson lithographs on-line) you should refrain from using your official Michael Jackson “Thriller” lithograph, and instead use the complimentary “Commemorative” lithograph, featuring a majestic portrayal of Michael Jackson in his regal attire. You will be interrupting your friend on the computer in no time!

Sorry, though, guys, there is a very strict, very serious, very real limit of two Michael Jackson posters (Ahh! Sorry! Official Lithographs!) per order. You could probably find a lawyer to help set up a shell corporation through which you might be able to place multiple dummy orders and get around this rule, but that’s a pretty substantial risk to take. You should probably just satisfy yourself with the two posters (FUCK! SORRY! OFFICIAL LITHOGRAPHS!) and count yourself lucky to even have those. They look great hanging in the middle of the wall in your dining room. (Thanks for the tip, Louis.)

*I am pretty sure the American Historic Society is just some dude named Greg, hand numbering “Certificates of Authenticity” just as fast as the Epson can print them.