This Halloween’s Scariest Costume

Dlisted has discovered this year’s scariest Halloween costume. It is a midwestern secretary working at a dental hygienist’s office in a strip-mall who spends most of her days wondering if she ever even had dreams of a better life to give up on in the first place Kate Gosselin. It is only $14.99, the same price Kate Gosselin originally paid for her haircut!

The one thing that’s nice about this costume is that anyone who buys it already owns the pre-requisite BAD DECISION MAKING SKILLS.

–Kate Gosselin’s children

The only thing worse than this Kate Gosselin costume, which is very very bad, is the inevitable hipster version. Like, wearing some glittery high-collared shirt from the ’80s and being Flock of Gosselins or whatever. Ugh. I don’t know! It’s bad enough that I’m going to have to see the hipster version of this costume, don’t make me do the actual work of inventing it as well.

Boo. This guy knows what I’m talking about.