Sherri Shepherd Gets A Bikini Wax, And The Prophecy Comes True

Remember that one time many years ago that you were on a family vacation to a rented cottage and your parents invited some of their friends over one afternoon for an all-day (all-boring) lunch? All the adults sat a long table in the backyard, eating and drinking and talking about stupid adult things, and you got restless and decided to wander off and explore a patch of woods that bordered the side of the house? You couldn’t have been more than 20 feet into the trees–you could still hear the laughter of your parents somewhere behind you–and yet you also felt disoriented and lost. The lake was to your right? Or was it to your left? You decided to head back, because your mom had made a cake and even adults couldn’t resist having cake forever (although sometimes it seemed like they tried!) and that was when you fell down that hole. It seemed like you were falling for hours, although when you eventually did get back to the cottage no one seemed to even have noticed you’d left. At the bottom, you met a wizard, and he granted you one wish, and you wished to one day watch a video segment of Sherri Shepherd getting her first ever bikini wax. “Who is Sherri Shepherd?” the wizard asked. “I don’t know yet,” you said. The wizard made you drink a chalky-tasting potion and then returned you to the surface. You ran back to the adults who gave you funny looks as you told them what had happened, and then your mom brushed the hair out of your face and gave you some ice cream. You haven’t thought about that in years.

Well, the wait has been long, but wizards are sorcerers of their word.

This woman is respected for her opinions on stuff!

Next time, wish better. (Via WarmingGlow.)