No Scarf Problems For Us This Week, You Guys

Woof. First thing Monday morning, am I right? Sometimes I need a weekend just to recover from my weekend! But this week is going to be different. We’re going to be jumping out of bed every morning this week, ready to attack the day. No more sluggish resistance from us, no more dragging our feet and wishing we could stay on dream mountain. Because this week we are going to be focused. The petty distractions of our daily lives are going to be removed from our way, and we are going to spend our time doing the things that matter. You see, we are going to be looking good in our scarves. I read once that Albert Einstein wore the same suit every day. That way he didn’t have to spend any time in the morning worrying about what to wear, and he could devote that brain power to important things, like science (he was a scientist, FYI). It might not have been Einstein. The idea is the same, though. You get it. But what about people like us? We can’t just wear the same suit every day. It is 2003! Do you even know how many ways there are to fashion a scarf?

Don’t worry about it! Not anymore, at least. This video has got us covered. Our scarves are going to be looking so good. Einstein, or another apocryphal genius, is a dinosaur.

Hot tip: clips, clips, glorious clips. (Via EverythingIsTerrible.)