Liam Neeson Is The New Harrison Ford

It’s funny because just the other day I said to a friend, “Boy, I wish they would make Firewall but with Liam Neeson and infidelity.” The Other Man trailer, you guys:


It used to be that Harrison Ford was the go-to guy for family-in-peril movies, but between this and Taken it looks like Liam Neeson is gunning (get it? There are often guns in these movies) for the Crown of Sad Dad. Look at these descriptions of other Liam Neeson movies currently in production:

Chloe: A doctor hires an escort to seduce her husband, whom she suspects of cheating, though unforeseen events put the family in danger.

What’s Wrong With Virginia: A sheriff sees his state senate bid slide out onto the ice when his daughter begins to date the son of a charming but psychologically disturbed woman with whom the sheriff has engaged in a two-decades-long affair.

Families! In Danger! But Harrison Ford isn’t giving up that easy. Look at what he’s working on:

Crowley: A drama centered on the efforts of John and Aileen Crowley to find a researcher who might have a cure for their two children’s rare genetic disorder.

Hmmm. Not quite. Maybe if the rare genetic disorder is from the Eastern Bloc? And it has sold the children into white slavery? Then you are talking movies. (Movie news via IMDB.)

–Harrison Ford in an IM to Liam Neeson about what to put on his tombstone