Children Take On The YouTube Poseurs And Hackers While Wearing A Floppy Sack Mask The Darndest Things

This little boy, dressed in America’s scariest mask and calling himself MaskedChong, claims to lead an army of Korean Nazis in a fight against the poseurs and hackers of YouTube?

This ought to go well.

Surprisingly enough, the YouTube community, not usually known for its even-tempered rationality and its openness to thoughtful debate, has embraced MaskedChong and reached out with encouragement and understanding:

GENTLEMEN, GENTLEMEN! ONE AT A TIME! WE WILL ALL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS DISCUSSION! And just because the person who made this video is obviously a child, that is no reason not to speak your mind! (Thanks for the tip, Justin and Louis.)

PRO-TIP: You can always tell a true imposer (?) by whether or not he can properly pronounce the word “Nazi.”