Please Let Joe Rogan Take Dan Quinn’s Bait And Turn This Into A Real Feud!

Speaking of feuds! Oh man. My (63rd) birthday is coming up, you guys, and I only have one wish: that Joe Rogan (Fear Factor, UFC) accept Dan Quinn’s (Hospital, Nightmares) challenge to a fight. Just because one of them is clearly mentally ill doesn’t make them not both assholes!

I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Joe Rogan has a history of getting into fights with children, surely an 11-minute-long insult from a future multi-billionaire whose ex-uncle (ex-uncle?) melted away cancer by drinking sweet pure H20 (just to the foam) and now has a flat stomach and knows all about exotic pussy is worthy of getting the classic Rogan Treatment. You’ve been ROGAN’D. Oh, you guys, you have no idea. My heart is overflowing with wanting of this right now. It would be even better than the fake non-feud between Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl that is not actually happening despite what all the websites say.

Fingers crozzed.