Finally, You And Your Dog Can Be Warm And Lonely Together

There is a Snuggie for dogs now? Of course there is a Snuggie for dogs now.

I don’t care what you do with your dog. Dress it up like Liam Neeson and pretend like it has to save its daughter from Albanian human traffickers. Or a ladybug! It’s your dog, and I am pretty sure that as long as you don’t train it to do battle with other dogs, and don’t purposefully kill it (accidental is sometimes OK), you’re free to have your fun. Just don’t forget that you live in a world of humans, and that you’re not fooling any of US with this whole “it’s easier for the dog to wear than a regular dog sweater and it is very comfortable for the dog as well” nonsense. No. It is slightly easier for you to put on a dog than a regular dog sweater, apparently, and maybe it makes you more comfortable. For the dog it is the same. The dog is a dog, and he does not need a kitschy blog-and-late-night-show-punchline blanket.

You should also know that dogs do not read romance novels with a cup of tea after secretly eating an entire pint of ice cream to have a good time. Just while we’re in the business of separating your interests from your dog’s interests. (Thanks for the tip, Jonathan.)