Operation Watch This: Paulie P., Ladies And Gentlemen

Admittedly, in the past, Videogum readers have not taken that kindly to John Roberts’s new character, stand up comedian Paulie P. Whoops, you guys! That is what you don’t take kindly to? Sometimes you guys are weird and I don’t get it, but I suppose that is life.

“Sometimes People Were Weird And I Didn’t Get It”
–Gabe Delahaye, 1942-2011

Roberts has a new Paulie P. video up and it is great if you like subtle comedy that examines the ways that humanity can be funny through the dedicated portrayal of realistic characters (I do! I like that!).

If you STILL didn’t like that, Roberts’s has another new character, Joey G, and he made a video with Drea DeMateo! Adriana! A celebrity, you animals! Is that what it takes to earn your respect?

Maybe I SHOULD come to your work and slap the broomstick out of your mouth.