The Coen Brothers Have Directed Other Movies Besides This Movie

A Serious Man trailer, you guys:

This movie should be called Getting Old Is Weird, And Hard, And Lonely Sometimes, Even And Maybe Especially For Jews.

Normally, I expect movie trailers to entice me to see the movie based on the careful selection and editing of footage in a manner that is both surprising and familiar, with an emphasis on the aspects of the movie that will be entertaining and/or thought-provoking. Sometimes, maybe even most of the times, this is such a successful process that the trailer is much more enjoyable than the actual movie that it is advertising. Not so much here. Here it’s more of a film student’s senior thesis capped off with an excessive examination of the Coen Brothers’ IMDB pages. Did you know that they also directed Barton Fink, MIller’s Crossing, and The Hudsucker Proxy? True! They could have included those titles in the list at the end and everyone would have had to agree that the list was accurate.

That list was also made up of great movies! With the possible exception of Burn After Reading, which was kind of obvious and had too much yelling and cursing in it! But so maybe this movie will be great! It is incredibly hard to tell!