Blade’s Edge: The Gabe And Max Story

So, sometimes, my friend Max Silvestri and I make videos. This is completely separate from Videogum, and I am happy to keep it that way. Never mix business and video projects you make with your friends. In the past, if a Gabe and Max video was posted on this site, it was posted by my former co-editor, Lindsay Robertson, because I guess she liked them or something. I never had anything to do with it. Anyway, today we put up our seventh and possibly final installment in the Gabe and Max Guide to Man Style series for Details magazine, and while I am not sure if I would ever post another of our videos here (it’s called a conflict of interest, and it’s what ruined Judge Dredd) the rest of the series has already been posted on Videogum, and Max and I are both really proud of this one, and I think it provides a nice ending to the series, and it features some other really talented people in it, and so I’m putting it up, and I’m in charge, and you can call my lawyer.

If you didn’t like that video, though, here is a video of Big Boi from Outkast hanging out with penguins (via TheAwl):

Now everyone is happy!