The Ultimate Argument Settler: The 15 Best Speed Drawing Videos Of All Time

They say that when you love something you should set it free, eventually, but first you should spend 45 minutes meticulously drawing it while videotaping yourself, and then post a sped up copy of that video to YouTube. Speed drawing (which actually is just regular drawing that’s sped up, so it should be called Speed Videos of Drawing, but I’m not the mayor of Meme Town) can be done either by hand, or on the computer (which is sometimes called speed painting), and it can deal with any subject, but it is best if the speed drawing is of someone or something famous, so that the end result is more impressive. To a point! Because at the same time, depending on your choice, the end result may be more technically impressive but it is also often more technically HUH? People choose to “speed draw” the weirdest stuff*.

After the jump, the 15 best speed drawing videos of all time. These are in scientific order, as determined by Licensed Scientists.

15. The Flight of the Conchords

14. Russell Crowe

13. Jennifer Love Hewitt

12. Jack Bauer

11. Trainspotting

10. David Archuleta

9. Dr. House MD

8. Hancock

7. Jared Leto

6. There Will Be Blood

5. Heath Ledger

4. Megan Fox

3. Your Mom

2. Jigsaw

1. Sayid Jarrah from Lost

These are all equally incredible and ridiculous! Let’s open a museum as a joke but kind of for serious!

*It should be noted that I am terrible at drawing, and have nothing but enormous respect for these artists’ impressive technical abilities, if not as much respect for their less impressive decision making and time management abilities.