Steve Zahn Is The Best Late Night Talk Show Guest

Steve Zahn is way less famous than he ought to be. For one thing, he can do comedic and dramatic acting! Double threat! And he’s great in everything that he’s in, even when the thing he’s in is not great at all. Admittedly, he has had to put a lot of food on his family, so he’s been in a lot of movies that we can just sort of pretend that he is not in. But he’s also in movies that we love, right guys? Reality Bites? Rescue Dawn? Out of Sight? Shattered Glass? I have taken you to Steve Zahn Court, and I have rested my case.

Anyway, did you also know that Steve Zahn is basically the best late night talk show guest? I still remember an interview he did on Late Night with Conan, I think to promote Joy Ride? In any case, it was a long time ago, I remember, because the (now ex) wife and I were celebrating my third son (from that marriage) Brian’s acceptance to Phoenix On-Line Medical Program. It was the funniest interview! I wish it was available on the Internet so that I could show it to you! Mostly he doesn’t ever talk about the film he’s actually there to promote. He just tells funny stories. Hahah, I LOVE FUNNY STORIES!

So, Steve Zahn was on Conan again last night, and it was great.

Seriously, if you ever hear that Steve Zahn is going to be on a late night talk show, you should watch that show!

At your leisure, of course. It’s the future!