Introducing The Official Videogum Theme Song

“Champion of My Heart” by Richie Cunning:

I was at a barbecue last weekend (your jealousy is palpable) and my friend Jane had one of those mini-boomboxes that you can plug your mp3 player into (whatever that is, I still use a rotary phone when I’m not in the hospital for age-related illnesses) and we probably listened to this song 100 times. It’s so good. Legend has it that it was recorded by a San Francisco based MC named Richie Cunning (legit: here he is opening for Method Man and Red Man) one night when he was just fucking around in the studio. He sent it to all of his friends, and everyone who has ever heard it recognizes that it is the greatest song ever recorded, and, as seen here, there is even a fan made music video for it that you wish you had made because of how much the best it is, but no official release. Whoops!

You can listen to this song, which is now the Official Videogum Theme Song, in its powerful, majestic glory, without having to watch children play 1980s make believe here.