Paul Scheer Crashes (Get It?) The Lost Panel At Comic-Con

This just proves that it doesn’t matter how famous or successful of a comedian you are, there will never be an explanation for how Hurley and Libby were in the hospital together. Not that Paul Scheer actually asked for an explanation, but you would sort of think that if on existed, just the sight of Paul Scheer would force it to come tumbling out of their pursed nerd mouths.

(Although, Libby aside, there are a bunch of Lost spoilers out of Comi-Con. I have one word for you, and that word is Boone.)

Paul Scheer, of course, has a long (one year), storied (two stories) history of crashing, or should I say smoking (huh?) Comic-Con panels.


Also: check out Paul Scheer’s new Lost fanboy site: Damon Carlton And A Polar Bear Dot Com.