If Sacha Baron Cohen Is Murdered By Terrorists, Then The Terrorists Win

Uh oh. It is like 9/11 all over again. From the New York Post:

Sacha Baron Cohen has stepped up his security after being threatened by a terrorist organization that is angered at its portrayal in the film “Bruno.”

The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, a coalition of Palestinian militias in the West Bank, said it was “very upset” that it was featured in the movie, starring Baron Cohen’s homosexual fashionista alter ego.

The Martyrs’ Bri gades has issued a statement to a Jerusalem-based journalist including a veiled threat against Baron Cohen, 37.

“We reserve the right to respond in the way we find suitable against this man,” it said. “The movie was part of a conspiracy against the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.”

Oh jeez. Don’t these terrorists get that it was a comedy? Sacha Baron Cohen was playing a character, duh! But you know how these terrorists organizations get: total PC Police.

Also, I am pretty sure that the “conspiracy” against the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades involves publicly acknowledged concerted military efforts on the part of the United States and Israeli governments, and very little to do with a morally and politically confused movie that dropped 70% in ticket sales in the first weekend. Shhhhh!

Although this part is kind of creepy:

Abu Aita claims that he was tricked into appearing in the film and has insisted that he is no longer involved in the Martyrs’ Brigades. He has threatened to sue Baron Cohen.

“This man, I think he is not a man,” Abu Aita said. “He is not saying the truth about me. He lied.”

Abu Aita’s lawyer, Hatem Abu Ahmad, has said that he is preparing a legal action against Baron Cohen and Universal Studios alleging that the terrorist reference could get his client in trouble with the Israelis and that the gay association could get him killed by Palestinians.

Abu Ahmad said: “This joke is very dangerous. We are not in the United States, we are not in Europe, we are in the Middle East, and the world operates differently here.”