Videogum’s Teen Korner: Comic-Con 2009 (In Your Pants)


Yo, as you probably heard on da grapevine, this week is Comi-Con, which is the world’s greatest place for all of the coolest posters for movies that won’t come out for three years. It’s basically like the Juggalo’s Gathering but for nerds awesome dudes, and super cool girls (who will one day be the first girl president probably) (and that’s fresh!). Anyway, today is the second day of the convention (very niiiiice!). There’s already been lots of bodacious activity, like James Cameron, who directed some movie called Titanic, which I think was a documentary about jewelry but whatevs, he has a new movie coming out called Avatar and he screened the first 25 minutes of it. Whoops, look at me boring you with all this Grandpa Talk (talking is a word old people use that means Human IM). I know what you really want. TWILIGHT NEWZ!

Check out our photo gallery of all the cool Twilight stuff at this year’s Comi-Con. JIGGY WITH IT!