Hey, Here’s That Kung Fu Panda Rip-Off No One Asked For

In your face, Transmorphers. Up in them gutz, The Day The Earth Stopped. Finally, an insane, hilarious knock-off that the whole family can enjoy. Ladies, I offer you: The Prodigy (or as it should be called, Karate Panda). Oh man, this thing is the best. Here is the synopsis (via CartoonBrew):

KG – the ‘Kung Fu Girl’ with a big heart – is an underdog. When the odds are against her, she discovers that there is no limit to what she can accomplish when she believes in herself. With the help of her brave yet zany Master Panda, KG sets off on a journey to restore justice to her beautiful kingdom and rescue her beloved prince. “A hilarious side-splitting animated feature, THE PRODIGY delivers Non-Stop Kung Fu Fun!”

Whatever. That doesn’t even begin to do this MASTERPIECE justice. Trailer after the jump. Are your eyes sitting down?

Hahaha. YESSSSS! I’m pretty sure I recorded the sound effects for this movie. On a Walkman. That I dropped in the toilet.

Wait, but also, this is from the press release (because this movie has press releases? Smart):

Some top CG Animators, Production Designers, and Artists from DreamWorks, Sony, and Disney studios all contributed. An integral part of the team is David Colman of Disney Feature Animation; he’s an Emmy Award winning artist who generated character designs for The Prodigy. David Lowery (Head of story on Shrek) was producer and supervisor of the story department, and Craig Elliott (Shark Tale, Bee Movie) was the inventive production designer. Steve Gordon (Shrek II, Anastasia, Over The Hedge) created essential story boards to flesh out the meaningful romantic storyline.

What? How is that even possible? I would have assumed that this movie was just made in Korea or something, but this is basically just a shameless list of everyone that has to go to jail now, right? They just hand the press release to the Warden, and he’s like, “I’ll take care of it.”

It’s so weird that the people who made this movie did something that seems foolish and unwise. (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)