Scientists Create The World’s Most Perfect Movie Trailer

“Hello. We’ve gathered you all here today because you are some of the most intelligent minds in your respective fields. We have scientists from all of the major disciplines: space and chemistry and physics and nuclear and brain. All of the best science. The reason we’ve gathered you here today is because a new straight-to-DVD horror movie called Birdemic–please, hold your applause until after the introductions are finished–is in need of a movie trailer, and we were hoping that you, scientists, can create it.

What we want from you is simple. Please work together as a group to harness all of your brain power and all of your incredible knowledge on the singular task of combining long, dull, panning shots of a boring landscape, with hissy ambient audio directly from a camcorder’s built in microphone, and MS Paint caliber graphics of what could only be described as a BIRDEMIC, to blow all of the minds (including, especially, Communist minds). Take about three minutes to edit it together, and let’s see what you come up with.”

Hahaha! Literally incredible. You nailed it, scientists.

Bartender, a round of Nobel Prizes for my friends. (Via FilmDrunk.)