That’s Your Girlfriend: Katherine Heigl

Man, Katherine Heigl is totally your girlfriend. Here, the makers of her new film, The Ugly Truth (which looks great*, btw, you must be very proud), Kristen Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz, talk a little bit about your girlfriend’s impressive ability to come up with super great ideas:

The Wrap: Katherine Heigl has a reputation for speaking her mind — did she weigh in on the script at all?
Kristen Smith: She’s smart, so she was a voice to be trusted. She had some really fun ideas — which we implemented.
Karen McCullah Lutz: Yeah, she wanted her character to be obsessed with flossing, so we added that in.

Sometimes you and your girlfriend, Katherine Heigl, will go to Barnes and Noble and just sit in the cafe reading science magazines (the smartest type of magazine) for hours. You used to enjoy playing Trivial Pursuit but it’s not fun anymore because Katherine Heigl, your girlfriend, knows everything. Your nickname for her is The Whiz Kid. Because of how she’s a genius. (The Wrap via Mark Lisanti)

UPDATE: oh man, your girlfriend is SUCH AN ASSHOLE!

*Remember after Knocked Up how Katherine Heigl, your girlfriend, complained about the movie being sexist? They call her Guns on set because of how she’s always standing by them.