Heaven Just Got A Little More Les Lye

Dear heaven, PACE YOURSELF. This is getting ridiculous. From the CBC (via ONTD):

Actor Les (Leslie) Earnest Lye, best known for the 1979 hit children’s program You Can’t Do That on Television, died Tuesday in Ottawa. He was 84.

Lye’s career as an actor and broadcaster on television and radio has spanned half a century.

The show You Can’t Do That on Television, which featured teenage actors performing comedic skits, was a Canadian success. It went international a year later and earned a large following. The program went on for 10 seasons and was later syndicated on Nickelodeon.

Oh man. He played Ross! And Barth! And Blip! And Coach! This is a SUMMER BUMMER even if it is the Summer of Death. Goodbye, Les Lye. You’re up in heaven now, sliming the angels.