Shutter Island Poster Reveals Key Plot Point

Here is the poster for Martin Scorsese’s Gatsby Shutter Island starring Vincent Chase Leonardo DiCaprio. Based on the trailer it appears to be one of those classic thrillers in which someone enters an insane asylum (or island run by pagan women) under the auspices of tracking down a missing person, only to find themselves terrifyingly trapped, and subject to the same horrors that the missing person (who may or may not have ever existed, usually not) suffered. Classic.

But as you can see from the poster, there is an important plot element that makes this pretty different from your daddy’s classic-thriller-in-which-someone-enters-an-insane-asylum-to-find-a-missing-person-and-then-themselves-goes-missing. How about a SPOILER ALERT, Shutter Island poster.

SPOILER ALERT: Leonardo DiCaprio smoking on a crack pipe! He probably doesn’t even go to Shutter Island looking for a missing person. He just heard that they had those WMD’s. “I’m here to investigate two vials of Global Warming.”

Where’s DiCaprio, String? Huh? What happened to DiCaprio, String?

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