Operation Watch This: J-Stache

J-Stache trailer, you guys:

At first I did not like what was going on here, but then things got weird and I didn’t even know what to think. It’s like Aqua Teen Hunger Force combined with Yacht Rock. This cartoon (which is on Twitter? Of course it is) has been in development for well over a year, apparently. According to an ancient Billboard article, this is the plot of the pilot:

It will portray Oates opening a new wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that focuses on mustachioed musicians. Suddenly, a dying David Crosby appears and with his last breath warns Oates of a mysterious secret group of mustache wearers bent on killing other mustache wearers. As actor Tom Selleck attempts to escape from the latest murder scene, Oates summons his own mustache with a fist pump that simultaneously changes his clothes from conservative attire to pink pants and white boots.

OK, weirdos. Cartoons are so weird these days. Why can’t they be normal, like Gummi Bears. Just a secret race of medieval bears who drink Cocaine Juice and fight an evil Duke and his army of ogres, all based on delicious candy. You know, normal stuff!