Oh, Here’s That Borderline-Racist Fred Parody No One Asked For

Sure, Fred is basically the worst (and when he is inevitably elected President of the United States, he will be the Commander in Worst). But at least Fred was an original. He blazed new trails of awful. These Fred parodists are not bringing much to the table. Now there is a new one, a guy named Namskie, who plays a character named Fu, who does impressions of people. Or something. The guy’s YouTube profile is Transformers 2-caliber complicated. In addition to characters, he does a lot of song parodies, like “Kiss Me Through MySpace,” and “I Bow Like a Chino” (which may actually be an original. I have no idea what is going on here). He also played a hilarious April Fool’s Prank in which he was “gay.” Perfect. MAD TV just called and they said if they ever get back on the air, this kid is definitely on the short list for the permanent cast.

In this video he does a borderline-racist Fred parody.

He doesn’t want to study for the SAT, he’s only six years old. But his father, General Tso, is so mean and his mother, Ching Chong, barely speaks English!

Woof. I take back the part where I said this video was borderline-racist. There is nothing borderline about it. I also take back the part where I said these Fred parodists weren’t bringing anything to the table. Because they are bringing racism to the table! You have to take off your shoes and kneel, though. Get it? STEREOTYPES ABOUT TYPES OF TABLES.