The Japanese Girl Meeting Harry Potter Is Living The Dream We Didn’t Even Know We Had

By now you have probably seen the videos (after the jump) of a young Japanese girl who won a contest to interview Harry Potter going basically INSANE when Daniel Radcliffe surprises her on set. And again when Rupert Grint surprises her on set. Of course, we can make fun of superfans all we want, and we usually do, because superfans are hilarious. And the Venn diagram of superfans and nerds would be an unbroken circle, which means that when you are making fun of superfans you are also making fun of nerds, and that makes sense, because nerds are great targets. But let us get something straight about this girl: she wins. Big time. Not just the ‘meet Harry Potter contest,’ which she literally won, duh, but she wins at everything.

Some people want to find true love, or to be legends of success. Some people believe that whoever dies with the most toys/private islands wins, dollar dollar bill, y’all. But none of these things interest me anymore, because I have seen the goal now. All I want in life is to find one thing that could possibly make me even close to as out of my mind with delight as this girl is in these videos.

The sadness, of course, is that at the weathered age of 53 years old, I’m not really open to experiences like this anymore (if I ever was open to experiences like this. I feel like I’ve been 53 years old for a very long time). It’s all, my penny loafers hurt this, and, my oatmeal is cold that. Perhaps I will have to wait until the angel of death sneaks up behind me, Grint-style, to find my euphoria. The subtitles will read, “You look so coo–” and then, heaven (fingers crozzed).

Well, that took kind of a weird turn.

Congratulations, though, Japanese girl. You did it! (Via everywhere.)