Tyler Perry Can And Does Do Bad All By Himself

I Can Do Bad All By Myself trailer, you guys:


I am glad to see that Tyler Perry did not waste any money on the budget for this film (or whatever this is). He needs that money for his private island. “And over here I’m going to build a temperature-controlled room for my fat suits.” I am also glad to see Adam Rodriguez finally getting to do some real acting. “There is gun powder residue on your heart.” Or, “the micro-fibers of your soul match micro-fibers found at the scene of MY LOVE FOR YOU.” Get it? You get it. Tyler Perry’s Cliche Scene Investigation. Seriously, I didn’t know that you could write a whole screenplay just by copying and pasting a fistful of greeting cards interspersed with “jokes” about hating the police. High to high millions.

In other news: Tyler Perry can do good all by himself.