Project Runway, Ladies!

Project Runway preview, you guys:

You know what’s weird? What’s weird is how this looks like a shitty Lifetime show when it’s obviously exactly the same as when it was a pretty good Bravo show. Heidi Klum pretending like she isn’t a half-literate human clothes hanger, check. Timm Gunn being great, check. Michael Kors pretending like anyone cares about Michael Kors, like, at all, check. A male contestant with a lesbian contestant’s haircut, check. They have the same set, the same structure, the same hosts, the same interview-segment background, the same Parsons New School of Design, the same trips to Mood, the same sewing room. And yet, watching this trailer, my eyes feel coated in a thick layer of pandering estrogen. It just makes me want to eat a bunch of red meat and punch some stuff, you know, because of how guys are. When is Ice Road Truckers on?! (Get it? Ice Road Truckers is Project Runway: For Men. Seriously. I think. I have never watched Ice Road Truckers because sometimes life really is too short.)