Sexting Has Become An International Problem That I Don’t Understand

Here is a short PSA explaining how sexting can embarrass you in Spain.

Just to clarify, I understand how sexting can embarrass you. When you sext (I am a grown man, and I type words like “sext”) a naked picture of yourself to a 14-year-old cartoon of a human being (I don’t mean the animated PSA, I mean actual 14-year-olds, who I think we can all agree are cartoonish and not actual human beings) he might plug his phone into his computer and now everyone will see your picture when they log on, as they do every morning, to or whatever. I get that part. No one wants to have their picture on But, and maybe I am old fashioned (at the very least, I am old), why are children sexting in the first place? That is the part that I don’t understand. Shouldn’t they be busy having actual sex? This is just like “cybersex” all over again, which I did not understand. Put down the gadgets, nerds! They’re in the way!

In any case, if you can understand this:

Riesgos del sexting. Cuando una imagen tuya sale de tu teléfono, pierdes el control sobre ella para siempre. ¡Puede acabar en Internet a la vista de todos o en los teléfonos de gente que no querrías!

Either do or don’t do what it says. I’m not sure. (Thanks for the tip, Matthew.)