Seth MacFarlane Continues To Compare Family Guy To Barack Obama

Back in May, when Seth MacFarlane took the audacious step of having an intern fill out an application form, thereby risking it all and entering Family Guy into consideration for the Emmys (Seth MacFarlane, America’s greatest risk-taker?), he said that his thinking behind submitting Family Guy to the Emmys was “allegorical to Barack Obama.”


Well, in the past he has claimed full ownership of the experience of 9/11, so it is not that surprising. But it is July now. Surely someone who likes Seth MacFarlane and cares about him has taken a moment during the intervening months to suggest that he STOP comparing Family Guy’s entry into consideration for the Emmys to the historic election of Barack Obama. Oh, nope? Nope. The Hollywoood Reporter interviewed him about his thoughts and feelings about getting a nomination:

Hollywood Reporter: What do you think your chances are of winning?

Seth MacFarlane: It is enough just to be nominated. I just think [winning] would be asking for too much change all at once. I doubt we would win. Although, I thought we were further away from Obama [winning] than we are, and that was a nice surprise. So, who knows?

Hey, Seth MacFarlane, save that awfulness for your TV shows! You’re giving away gold here.

Ugh. Seth MacFarlane, everybody. The Rosa Parks of being the worst.