That’s Your Boyfriend: Daniel Beddingfield Wedding Proposal Guy

Arbroath explains how your boyfriend proposed to you:

A Bristol woman who thought she was going to see an “arty” film as a birthday treat received an unusual marriage proposal. Radio sports reporter Pete Simson, 26, from Bedminster, Bristol, hired the Watershed in Bristol to propose to his partner Hannah McDonagh, 25.

In the film, Mr Simson appeared dancing in front of many West Country landmarks. After the brief film Mr Simson proposed and a delighted Miss McDonagh accepted.

After the screening finished at the Watershed, a spotlight came on Mr Simson who got down on one knee and proposed to Miss McDonagh to a round of applause. “I wanted to propose in a way that was thoughtful but I have never taken myself very seriously so a romantic meal wouldn’t be in keeping with my character,” Mr Simson said.

Aww! That is actually very nice! I sincerely hope that the two of you are very happy forever. There is only one downside to this one:

All of your wedding presents are going to be pairs of pants. Because your boyfriend apparently does not have any. PUT ON SOME PANTS, SIR. Please tell your boyfriend fiance to put on some pants thanks.