Videogum Summer School Now In Session

The summer is a time for lots of things. It is the time for beaches, and barbecues, and camping, and swimming, and sunscreen, and for making boring lists of obvious things that everyone already knows. But it is not the time for there to be anything on TV to watch! Sorry, NYC Prep, but you are a poor replacement for 30 Rock, Lost, Friday Night Lights, and The Office. Actually, let’s leave those other shows out of it altogether, because NYC Prep is just a poor replacement for Gossip Girl, much less real shows for adults. There’s nothing on!

But it’s 2006! Most shows are on DVD now. So actually, there’s plenty of great TV to watch. The summer should be the time for catching up on the TV you don’t have time to watch during the fall and winter and spring because you’re too busy watching new TV. I, for one, am going to try and power through Mad Men, because I have only seen the first few episodes of the first season, and the third season starts in August, and wouldn’t it be nice to watch some TV that was actually good for a change (up your butt, Miami Social!).

I am also going to check out The Mighty Boosh. And maybe some old Steve Coogan shows that I have never seen but of which I have heard so many good things. (Although I will never forgive him for giving Owen Wilson all that heroin. Cut it out, Steve Coogan. Owen Wilson’s not a chicken, you’re a turkey!)

For you guys, I have some assignments:

If you haven’t watched every episode of these shows already, you are going to need to catch up, or else you fail. At stuff.

Friday Night Lights
The Wire [doyoyoy]
Eastbound and Down
The first few seasons of The West Wing before it got boring.

Many of these might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many of your Videogummates have not seen some of these shows!! Let’s go, you guys!! We can watch it all!

I would now like to open the class up to a trust building exercise in which you each suggest one show that you think everyone should watch as you close your eyes and fall backwards. We will catch you! Metaphorically!