Michael And Michael Have Promise!

Michael and Michael Have Issues premiered on Comedy Central last night, and it had some laffs in it! We could all use some laffs. Especially after 9/11*. Now that was a SUMMER BUMMER. Anyway, sketch comedy shows are hard because you’ve got to string the different sketches together with some kind of over-arching framework, and that is never really very good. Like, I’m a huge fan of Chappelle Show (who isn’t? Your stepdad thinks Chappelle Show is “da bomb”) but his interstitial on-stage stuff was just filler. Same thing here. That’s OK, though. That is how it works. And besides, the use of a behind-the-scenes-production-staff plot to string things together was smart and pretty funny. And if the sketches are good, who cares?

And thus concludes Videogum’s The Problem With Sketch Comedy Shows University.

So. Let’s do the numbers:

A few of the sketches in last night’s debut had already been teased out on-line, so we can leave those in the ancient past. But not all of them, duh. For example, not this sketch, which was funny:

“Has Celine Dion just done Bruno better than Bruno?”
–Celine Dion

Admittedly, this thing:

Kind of reminded me of this thing. But it was different.

But I think that it is this scene that best shows the type of casual, insidery jokes that will make Michael and Michael Have Issues a success, if people enjoy them, or a failure, if people do not enjoy them.

Capoeira jokes, repeating each other’s threats jokes, “get in the house” jokes. This is the type of “we’re going to make ourselves laugh and hopefully the audience gets on board” humor that Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter (and David Wain) have built their careers on. It’s the type of humor everyone should build their careers on. It’s great.

Fingers crossed for these guys.

*If Fringe can use 9/11 as a cheap plot device, then I can use 9/11 as a cheap plot device.