That’s Your Boyfriend: Mariah Carey

Whoops, Mariah Carey, this is your new music video:

I know that rich and/or famous people eventually enclose themselves in a disorienting bubble of “yes men,” echoing with reassurances that their grandiose senses of self-importance are reasonable and justified, that their every idea is fresh off the assembly line at the Genius Factory, this bubble floating along in a lukewarm stream of near-uninterrupted leisure. And I know that in the dark nights of the lonely soul, alienated from the very people whose adoration they now require in ever-increasing amounts just to feel normal, it can be difficult for even the very sane and the very rational multi-millionaire/celebrity to keep their wits about them. It is the price of their fame, the dangerous result of their success.

But this is ridiculous. Someone just tell her no when she gets like this. Surely her purse dog has a yoga instructor or someone like that she can trust.

“Hey, Mariah Carey, how about no.”

“Live every week like it’s No Week, Mariah Carey.”
–Dot Com